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Article creation - Box for talkpageEdit

{{enwp based|url=RM-DIFF-AND-NUMBER}}

Different terms, words etc for SimpleEdit

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Only create cat if there's 4 or more articles to go in it


When creating articles try to word/simplify like this > &


When creating cats always remember to categorise them and if redlink then find correct cat.


Don't add the expand template as the stub templates are there.

Stub templateEdit

Stub template goes under navbox not above

Rebadge / FaceliftEdit

Rebadge : In 1986, X, X and X all made the same vehicle but with different names, The names were: '''X''', '''X'''' and '''X'''.

Facelift : In February 2002, the model was improved at the front and back, It had a new grille, new bonnet, new bumper and different headlamps and breaklights.

AFD talkpageEdit

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