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I have always had a passion about making desserts. My favourite dessert of all time is the delicious apple crumble with lovely, soft and warm custard on top. On other days, I'd like to edit Simple English Wikipedia and add certain knowledge areas that I do know and that I would like to share. I add refs, fix grammar and dead links. I also create short articles with stubs too. Most days I am active, other times I do real life activities and go to my art college. I am really interested in reverting vandalism and spam. When I edit, I edit faster than a lightning bolt can strike a tree. Wikipedia is a big community and I am really proud that I get a chance to add to the history and also to make learning a better place, that is why I like Simple English Wikipedia because it's basic to understand and it's also fun. In my spare time I like to read, paint and play dominoes. If you ever want to drop me a note, please do!