Hello! I am Hikitsurisan! I am British (in spite of my User name). When I was nine I went to live in The Netherlands (Holland). In the Netherlands they speak a language called Dutch. I went to a Dutch school. At first I did not understand anything. Slowly I learned to speak Dutch.

I studied music and German at an English university. I teach music at a school. In my spare time I enjoy singing in a choir and playing the double bass in an orchestra, birdwatching, jogging in the country, reading and learning languages.

I enjoy writing for Simple English Wikipedia because I know how difficult it is trying to understand things in a language I don't know very well. I also have experience at explaining new ideas to young people. I usually write about things I know about, but I still learn a lot because I have to check lots of facts and, if possible, I like to read up from several sources before I write a new page. I sometimes enjoy clicking on Random Page and reading about whatever comes up. Sometimes I find mistakes, or things to improve.

Most of the things I have written are about music. I have also written articles on language topics such as Goethe, Franz Kafka, Samuel Johnson, vocabulary, katakana and hiragana and some general topics such as Political correctness and articles about towns I know such as Bedford and Bamberg.