Hi to all!My English is not very nice, I know, but I hope most of people can understand me. On this Wikipedia, my nickname is "Italian1990", I'm happy to help this "Simple-Wikipedia", I help the Italian Wikipedia as well, but I think that this Wikipedia is really good, because it is good if a person wants to learn english. I like this wikipedia because it helps me often. The language that I know best is italian, so if there are any other Italians here, we can speak ;)..I'm not good with tools of wikipedia, so if I don't talk with people or I do the wrong things, then I'm sorry!. I like geography, history, and computer science. I am a fan of "Trash-ware" and I think that not everything that could be in trash is for trash, I'm all for recycling :).This is my new account, i have forgotten the password and i don't know how to get a new one. So i have created this new account :).

Against every dictatorship or oligarchy! In qualsiasi Wikipedia c'è qualche coglione!

§§ N° 100 PAGES CREATED (OR sometimes HEAVILY HELPED) §§ : 21/2/08 (12.20 am), page "Crucified Barbara" (done with my old account Italy90)

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