My GoalEdit

My goal is to make mathematics more accessible and fun for everyone, and a big part of that is to explain mathematics using "easy language", but this requires a balancing act between precision and comprehension.

Let me explain: there is an educational concept called the spiral, which roughly means that a subject comes around again and again, always at a higher level. For example, a young person is taught that multiplication is just repeated addition. But then a year later the subject is revisited and multiplying by negatives is taught, then decimals come along ...

The WebsiteEdit

And that is why I have developed (Math is Fun, or "Maths is Fun" in British English), to be a place where mathematics can be explained in a more "user-friendly" manner.

And like all people who embark on explaining Science to the general public I must at times leave out details which would only confuse, but it can be very hard to know where to draw the line.

So please forgive me, fellow Wikipedians, when I over-simplify! And correct me gently, but do correct me!

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