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How to contribute

Our scope is fairly simple: maintain and update every single year and category for each individual year. This can include anything from 2020 to 16 BC to the 7th century.

This project has many things that need to get done.

  • Corresponding articles of certain events need to be made. This includes making an article for an event that happened in 1638 or creating a biography for someone who died in 1938. Articles for the corresponding years in general need to be made. If 668 BC is not an article, then it certainly should be.
  • Categories need to be organized. Categories are sorted generally by millenia, century, decade, year, event and location. There are other ways and variations to organize these as well(such as century > decade > event > year > location). If a category has less than three pages in it, it can be deleted and if there are more than three pages that can fit into that category then it can be added.
  • Articles for the individual years such as 2012 must be maintained. Here, only the most notable events must be added. Make sure to follow the subsequent rules for making these articles and pages

View templates here: sample link