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I use the thanks button a lot. I hope it is received by others as a small token of appreciation for the work they do here. Many times I thank users for changes they made a long time ago, such as starting an important page. Some of the users I thank have not edited for many years. I thank them just in case they ever check their account so they will know that someone appreciated the work they did. When time permits, I also thank users who have contributed to articles that I started, or other articles that I come across in the hope of encouraging them to stick around. If I thanked you for your talkpage comment it is likely because I appreciate you taking the time to participate, not necessarily because I agree with you.

I try to limit thanking admins so as not to seem like I am looking for favours. Also, I have seen somewhere that some of the more popular users receive so many thanks that they view thanks as a form as harrassment.

I wrote this mainly for those I have thanked to try and explain why I thank users. If you have any questions/concerns/remarks, I would appreciate you letting me know on my talk page. I will attempt to respond, time permitting.

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Articles I startedEdit

Articles I started by importing from the en-wikiEdit

Lists I startedEdit

Categories I startedEdit

  1. Category:1981 establishments in Canada
  2. Category:Women judges
  3. Category:2019 in Canada
  4. Category:Extradition
  5. Category:Dementia
  6. Category:Lists by state or province
  7. Category:Pests
  8. Category:Lists of women
  9. Category:Elections in Canada
  10. Category:People of Tennessee State University
  11. Category:Tennessee State University
  12. Category:Orphaned articles from May 2019
  13. Category:Ichthyologists
  14. Category:Education-related lists
  15. Category:Women lawyers
  16. Category:Women politicians
  17. Category:Economic indicators
  18. Category:Pharmacists
  19. Category:Lists of cities by country
  20. Category:Lists of cities in Canada
  21. Category:Legislation (please see Category talk:Legislation)
  22. Category:Buildings and structures in Asia by country
  23. Category:Taxation in Canada
  24. Category:Botanical gardens in Europe
  25. Category:Botanical gardens in Asia
  26. Category:Botanical gardens by country
  27. Category:Botanical gardens in Israel
  28. Category:Botanical gardens In the United Kingdom
  29. Category:Botanical gardens in the United States
  30. Category:Yuba County, California
  31. Category:Boston University
  32. Category:Lakes of china
  33. Category:Universities
  34. Category:Cities in the People's Republic of China
  35. Category:Lists of universities
  36. Category:Nanjing
  37. Category:Universities in Canada
  38. Category:University of Waterloo
  39. Category:Egyptian poets ‎
  40. Category:Polymaths
  41. Category:Spanish Nobel Prize winners ‎
  42. Category:South African Nobel Prize winners 
  43. Category:Norwegian Nobel Prize winners 
  44. Category:New Zealand Nobel Prize winners ‎ 
  45. Category:Ukrainian Nobel Prize winners
  46. Category:Lists of Canadian people
  47. Category:Mexican Nobel Prize winners
  48. Category:Mexican Nobel Peace Prize winners
  49. Category:Japanese Nobel Prize winners
  50. Category:Italian Nobel Prize winners 
  51. Category:Irish Nobel Prize winners
  52. Category:Finnish Nobel Prize winners 
  53. Category:Egyptian Nobel Prize winners 
  54. Category:Hungarian Nobel Prize winners
  55. Category:Danish Nobel Prize winners
  56. Category:Ethologists
  57. Category:Austrian Nobel Prize winners
  58. Category:Argentine Nobel Prize winners
  59. Category:Lists of Indian people
  60. Category:Turkey-related lists
  61. Category:Indian Nobel Prize winners
  62. Category:Chinese Nobel Prize winners
  63. Category:Turkish Nobel Prize winners

Redirects I startedEdit

  1. Masters degree
  2. Fugitive/Fugitives
  3. Jozef Straus
  4. Protestors
  5. Protestor
  6. Estevan Bruins
  7. Mass surveillance by the US government
  8. Mike Mastro
  9. Honey fungus
  10. Kamloops Junior Oilers
  11. Rentals
  12. Condominiums
  13. Template:United-States stub
  14. Joblessness
  15. List of former capitals of Japan
  16. Legal resident
  17. Disciplining
  18. Alzheimers disease
  19. Fire fly
  20. High season
  21. Kocheril Raman Narayanan
  22. Untouchables
  23. Hairy crab
  24. Finals
  25. Undergraduate major
  26. USAtoday
  27. Canadian citizen
  28. Canadian citizenship
  29. William Blair
  30. Fraser river gold rush
  31. Dental hygienist
  32. American citizen
  33. Treatable medical condition
  34. Citizenship in Canada
  35. Housing in British Columbia
  36. Commission of Inquiry
  37. Commission of Enquiry
  38. Wikipedia:Diffused
  39. Eastern Asian
  40. Headrests
  41. Extradited
  42. Eric Allin Cornell
  43. BEST
  44. Palersdorf
  45. Bizonja
  46. UBC
  47. University of Lancaster
  48. French Alps
  49. Rental apartment
  50. Rental housing
  51. Dopamine receptor
  52. Apothecary
  53. Bnei Brak
  54. East Vancouver
  55. University of B.C.
  56. NDP Party
  57. Victoria, BC
  58. SVT
  59. Household income
  60. Housing affordability
  61. List of cities in South Korea
  62. Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka
  63. Property taxes
  64. Housing market
  65. Housing in Hong Kong
  66. Housing in Toronto
  67. Housing in Vancouver
  68. List of botanical gardens in Canada
  69. List of zoos in Canada
  70. Tax penalty
  71. Goettingen
  72. Speculation and vacancy tax
  73. List of Kyoto universities
  74. List of Ottawa neighbourhoods
  75. Ph.D
  76. Graduate Studies
  77. Yuba County
  78. Adjunct professor
  79. City Councillor
  80. List of Famous universities
  81. Georges J.F. Köhler
  82. Vacancy tax in Israel
  83. Template:Technology-stub
  84. Senior citizens
  85. Auranga River
  86. Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo (or should it redirect to: Hongshan Forest Zoo?)
  87. Floral arrangement
  88. 999 (emergency telephone number)
  89. 911 (emergency telephone number)
  90. City wall
  91. Migrants
  92. Jurists
  93. List of Nobel Prize winners from Ukraine
  94. List of Nobel Prize winners from Australia
  95. Artturi Ilmari Virtanen
  96. Albert A. Michelson
  97. List of Nobel Prize winners from Turkey
  98. List of Nobel Prize winners from India
  99. Tu Youyou
  100. Qinghao
  101. Ada E. Yonath
  102. Charles J. Pedersen

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