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Copy Editors are informed in prior that I am not a biopic or a celebrity article writer. Recently I did two minor editing in few articles of famous personalites then it should not be concluded this is my knowledge zone however sources for fact can be found in references of original writer.

Wrong Story Crush and crunch are verbs in sources. If any one searches either one or both to find something ruling universe as one or both then answer gets same. A space research fellow wonders when crushed is sometimes called crashed. No source is favourible and valid in finding an unknown and study in both case. A researcher uses imagination and an internet user uses keyboards. Both are parameter to set priorities to allot ranks to seachers and researchers. Discovering something worth applying to replace with the irreplaceable is neither easy nor difficult provided the old source is taken to Prove Wrong.

Space links of current projects

Web links are below for current projects. Copy editors are requested to meet for discussions in the talk page of same. Briefing before Publishing will be remained blank to bring convenience to all. It has been noticed some times that IP numerical ID is found after searching username in many cases for reaching to particular editor.

Short cuts found here are not as current project