Sturmgewehr means "assault rifle" in German. 88 is the size of a famous German gun, which is measured in millimeters. I have used this name many times for many years, and sometimes change the spelling.



I have been blocked on other Wikipedias because my username sounds "Nazi-ish". I was blocked on German Wikipedia and German dialect Wikipedias. I was also blocked on English Wikipedia, but I was unblocked after administrators looked at my changes.

My signatureEdit

My signature is my name in Japanese. Gōdon (強斗武) means "strong fluid warrior". "StG88ぬ会話" means "Sturmgewehr88's talk page" in Okinawan.

Also, I am a dumbass 'Murican with delusions of grandeur and a one-digit IQ. I have a Japanese wife since they are the easiest women on the planet, plus we gaijin can only get physically hideous Japanese sluts. Attractive Japanese ladies don't have the slightest interest in foreign men. That's why we gaijin can only get butt-ugly, hare-brained Jap bitches. Still, I believe I am a total badass and a heartbreaker and I constantly brag about it, because that's what the internet is for.

ミーラー強斗武 (StG88ぬ会話)


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