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Temnothorax is a young, french Science enthousiast.


One of his life long passion is entomology, and particularly Myrmecology. Seeing a world within a world while observing ants and their tribulations, it startled my interest in Astronomy, Paleontology, History...

Free timeEdit

My love for Science-Fiction conducted me to discover quite a few series you should check out:

- 'The Expanse': set in the near future. Mankind has stretched its arms into space. After a long period of calm and apparent stability, Mars, now a powerfull independant Nation as well as many colonies of workers around the solar system rumble. As skirmishes start to escalate, a apparently minor incident might tip the balance of power forever.

- Travelers: in a last attempt to rescue earth's future, "travelers" are sent in the past in order to change the fate of mankind, while staying under the radar of modern authorities. As Teams all around the world are struggling to integrate a time periode that they bearly understand, things slowly spin out of control.

-'Continuum': The last rebels leaders to have resisted the oppression of the corporations are sentenced to death without trial. However the public execution does not turn as planned...

Other series: 'The Walking Dead', 'Game of Thrones', 'The Man in the High Castle', ...