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You can edit this page!!! yes I'm serious, you can edit this if you find some mistakes. So check any grammatical, spelling and vocabulary mistakes. If you edited, thanks!

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I am Zayyam Faiq but sometimes known as Zym (pronunciation: zim) or Zamoo. My user name is Zayyam123. I am a editor of Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia. I have edited more than 41articles on Wikipedia and created 10 article Wikipedia. Articles like The Centaurus and Giga Mall. I am a Pakistani citizen and live in Islamabad. I was a big fan of Wikipedia before I knew anyone could edit it. So I started editing Wikipedia on 16 December 2017 and Simple English Wikipedia on 31 December 2017 and I am editing till on. I am a starter editor and I use Wikipedia:Simple Talk for help in editing Simple English Wikipedia and Wikipedia:Teahouse for help in editing Wikipedia.

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