Hello! I noticed that you may have come here from the German Wikipedia, so you know a little about how things work here. I hope you like it here and decide to stay! Here are some links to help you adjust:

There's a lot to do here. Most of it is writing articles that do not exist yet, which you can do by translating from other Wikipedias, but have a look around and see what you want to do. Thanks for joining us, and you know how to contact me if you need any help. πr2 00:58, 18 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hei PiRSqared17, that's fine, thank you. :-) Perhaps I'll look around here more to understand the Simple WP thing better. I'm really not very familiar with this specific Wikipedia (I just saw that I've done only interwikis up to now) but I can't write difficult English anyway, so I'm not active there on en: either. I don't know if I can write English well enough to translate into English, it feels much better to translate from English (or Scandinavian or other languages). ;-) But perhaps it would also be a good training, let's see what the time says about it. Greetings --Geitost (talk) 01:12, 18 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]