Vahakn Dadrian

American academic

Vahakn Norair Dadrian (Armenian: Վահագն Տատրեան; 26 May 1926 – 2 August 2019)[1] was a researcher and historian of the Armenian Genocide. He was the director of Genocide Research at Zoryan Institute.[2]

Vahagn Dadryan


Dadrian was born in Istanbul. He first studied mathematics at the University of Berlin, after which he decided to switch to a completely different field, and studied history at the University of Vienna, and later, international law at the University of Zürich. He completed his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Chicago.

Dadrian was a Professor of Sociology, and an internationally renowned expert on the Armenian genocide.[3]

The particularity of Dadrian's research is that by mastering many languages, including German, English, French, Turkish, Ottoman Turkish and Armenian.



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