Municipal association (Germany)

statutory corporation or public body in some German states
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Municipal associations (German: Verwaltungsgemeinschaften) are statutory corporations or public bodies created by statute in the German federal states of Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia, and Schleswig-Holstein. In Baden-Württemberg the term stipulated municipal association (German: vereinbarte Verwaltungsgemeinschaft) is used.

Structure change

A municipal association normally consists of several adjoining municipalities in the same district. It is controlled by a political representative, chairperson or executive board. Depending on the state, this person may be officially continue or appointed as mayor.

  • In Baden-Württemberg this position is held by the mayor of the appropriate fulfilling municipality (German: erfüllende Gemeinde).
  • In Thuringia there are municipal associations as well as fulfilling municipalities.
  • In Bavaria one mayor of a single municipality also acts as municipal chairman (German: Gemeinschaftsvorsitzender) of the association.

Tasks change

The duties of a municipal association usually involve

  • Setting up land use plans
  • Sewage disposal
  • Payment transactions
  • Cemetery matters
  • Fire brigade provision

List change

State Designation (German) Category
Baden-Württemberg vereinbarte Verwaltungsgemeinschaft
Baden-Württemberg Gemeindeverwaltungsverband
Bavaria Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Category:Verwaltungsgemeinschaften in Bavaria
Rhineland-Palatinate Verbandsgemeinde Category:Verbandsgemeinde in Rhineland-Palatinate
Saxony-Anhalt Verbandsgemeinde Category:Verbandsgemeinden in Saxony-Anhalt
Saxony-Anhalt Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Category:Verwaltungsgemeinschaften in Saxony-Anhalt
Thuringia Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Category:Verwaltungsgemeinschaften in Thuringia

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