Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

King of Italy from 1900 to 1946

Victor Emmanuel III (11 November 1869 – 28 December 1947) was king of Italy from 29 July 1900 to 9 May 1946. He was the son and successor of King Umberto I. He was a member of the House of Savoy.

Victor Emmanuel III
King of Italy
Reign29 July 1900 – 9 May 1946
Coronation29 July 1900
PredecessorUmberto I
SuccessorUmberto II
Emperor of Ethiopia
Reign9 May 1936 – 5 May 1941
PredecessorHaile Selassie I
SuccessorHaile Selassie I
King of Albania
Reign16 April 1939 – 8 September 1943
PredecessorZog I
SuccessorTitle abolished
Born(1869-11-11)11 November 1869
Naples, Kingdom of Italy
Died28 December 1947(1947-12-28) (aged 78)
Alexandria, Kingdom of Egypt
Saint Catherine's Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt
ConsortElena of Montenegro
IssueYolanda, Countess of Bergolo
Mafalda, Landgravine of Hesse
Umberto II
Giovanna, Queen of Bulgaria
Maria Francesca, Princess Luigi of Parma
Full name
Vittorio Emanuele Ferdinando Maria Gennaro di Savoia
HouseHouse of Savoy
FatherUmberto I of Italy
MotherMargherita of Savoy
SignatureVictor Emmanuel III's signature

Early life Edit

Victor was born in Naples. His mother was Queen Margherita of Savoy. He became king in 1900, at age 31, after his father was killed by Gaetano Bresci.

History Edit

After World War I, Benito Mussolini started the March on Rome and Victor Emmanuel III supported him. Mussolini became the Prime Minister and dictator. Because people said Victor Emmanuel III had worked together with Mussolini too much, Italy became a republic in 1946.

Titles and styles Edit

  • 11 November 1869 - 29 July 1900: His Royal Highness The Prince of Naples
  • 29 July 1900 - 9 May 1946: His Majesty The King of Italy
    • 9 May 1936 - 5 May 1941: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Ethiopia

His Majesty The King of the Albanians

  • 9 May 1946 - 28 December 1947 His Majesty King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

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