road in the City of Westminster, in central London

Whitehall is a road in Westminster in London, England. It is the main street running north from Parliament Square, towards traditional Charing Cross, now at the southern end of Trafalgar Square and marked by the statue of Charles I, which is often regarded as the heart of London.

The Foreign Office in the days of the British Empire
Whitehall, London, looking south towards the Houses of Parliament. The tower is Victoria Tower.
Whitehall showing the major UK Government buildings.

The name "Whitehall" is often used for governmental administration and as a geographic name for the district around it.

Whitehall was originally a wide road that ran up to the front of the palace. Trafalgar Square was built at its northern end in the early 19th century. The southernmost part by Parliament Square is named Parliament Street, but there is no longer any obvious difference between the two on the ground. Combined, the streets cover a total distance of about 0.6 mile (1 km).

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