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If you are closely associated with the subject you want to write about, then you have a conflict of interest and will find it very difficult to write a good, neutral encyclopaedia article. You will probably find it very difficult to write an article which will not look like advertising to other editors. Using Wikipedia for advertising is against our rules. If your article reads like an advertisement and/or is about a subject that is not very clearly notable, then it will probably be deleted very quickly.

What should I do?
  1. Think about why you are writing about this subject. Wikipedia is mainly a resource for learning. It is not a place for the promotion of products, services, or websites. If you are here to tell readers how great something is, or to get exposure for an idea or product, you are in the wrong place.
  2. Don't make a new article for your own product or website. Usually, when a person creates a new article describing his or her own work, it is because the work is not yet well-known enough to have attracted other people's attention. It will probably not have enough reliable sources. Articles like this carry a conflict of interest and are usually deleted. Wikipedia does have articles about popular products and websites, but Wikipedia cannot be used to promote them.

If you are closely connected to the subject you want to write about:

You could add it to Wikipedia:Requested articles
You could describe your subject to other editors on the talk page of a more general article
You could explore other ways to contribute to the Simple English Wikipedia