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Is the subject already covered?

Wikipedia already has 252,042 articles. They cover many subjects, but not all. The subject you are thinking of writing about may already have an article, either under another spelling or capitalisation, or simply under a different name or expression. To avoid wasting your effort, make sure you have searched around for alternate titles. If you find your subject is already covered under another title, it might be useful to redirect your proposed page title there.

Try searching below for some different titles under which your subject might already be covered, and then come back to this page.

My proposed article already exists under a different name (add a redirect)

Does the subject meet the guidelines for inclusion?

Pages that do not meet our requirements will be quickly deleted. If you don't want that to happen to your new article, follow this wizard carefully.

Even if the subject you want to write about is not already covered, 'not everything is suitable for this encyclopedia'. Our community of editors has established a series of guidelines, under the heading "notability", of what is and what is not suitable for Wikipedia. (This is covered in more detail at the next step of this wizard.)

Please do not write articles that are about:

If you think that you, your organization, or your friend, band, or website are notable, please consider asking some other Wikipedia editors for their opinion before proposing an article on the subject. If you are unsure of the notability of your article, you are welcome to ask for help in our central forum or in our IRC channel (#wikipedia-simple connect).

What is your proposed article about?

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I'm writing an article about something else

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