Xia dynasty

the first hereditary dynasty recorded in the Chinese dynasties (ca. 2100 BCE--1916 BCE), house of Xiahou

Xia dynasty (Chinese: 夏朝; Pinyin: xià cháo; Wade–Giles: Hsia-ch'ao) was the first dynasty of China. It was founded in 2100 BC and ended in 1600 BC. Until archaeologists dug at Erlitou in Henan Province, many scientists were not sure if the Xia Dynasty was real or a myth. The last king was Jie who was said to be cruel and greedy. He was defeated by T'ang, the king of the Shang people from the east.

Map of Xia Dynasty

Kings of the Xia dynasty

Names after death (Shi Hao 諡號)1
Order Reign2 Chinese Pinyin Notes
01 45 also Yu the Great (大禹; dà yǔ)
02 10  
03 29 太康 Tai Kang  
04 13 仲康 Zhòng Kāng  
05 28 Xiāng  
06 21 少康 Shǎo Kāng  
07 17 Zhù  
08 26 Huái  
09 18 Máng  
10 16 Xiè  
11 59 不降 Bù Jiàng  
12 21 Jiōng  
13 21 Jǐn Guoyu: jìn, putonghua: jǐn
14 31 孔甲 Kǒng Jiǎ  
15 11 Gāo  
16 11  
17 52 Jié also Lu Gui (履癸 lǚ guǐ)
1 Sometimes the king has the dynasty name, Xia (夏), in his name. For example, Xia Yu (夏禹).
2 Possible number of years.