Yael Cohen Paran

Israeli politician
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Yael Cohen-Paran, Hebrew: יעל כהן-פארן , (born October 12, 1973) is an Israeli environmental activist and a politician. She is co-political leader of HaTnu'a HaYeruqa ("The Green Movement").

Yael Cohen-Paran

Cohen-Paran served in Unit 8200, the signal intelligence unit of the Israel Defense Forces. She studied physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and also public policy at Tel Aviv University.

She was founder and president of the Israel Energy Forum, and participated in various United Nations Climate Change Conferences.

Later on she went into politics by becoming a member of HaTnu'a HaYeruqa. Due to the cooperation of this party with HaTnu'a and HaAvoda as The Zionist Union she became a Member of Knesset in 2015 and was a member till 2019.

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