12 January 2024 missile strikes against Yemen

On the morning of January 12, 2024, the United States and United Kingdom attacked the Houthis in Yemen[16][17]. This was in response to Houthi attacks on international trade ships bound for Israel since November 19, 2023, as well as attacks on American and British navy ships. The Houthis claimed these attacks were due to the Israeli war on Gaza. The UK Cabinet met, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak approved the strikes.

2024 missile strikes against Yemen
Part of Operation Poseidon Archer during the Red Sea Crisis

Airstrikes throughout Houthi territory
Date12 January 2024
Houthi Houthi[1]
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses

5 killed, 6 injured[13][14]

60+ targets destroyed (US estimate) [15]



At around 2:30am in Yemen (11:30pm UTC)[16], American planes with smart bombs attacked from nearby bases and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier. Ships and a submarine launched cruise missiles. The BBC said British jets from Cyprus also joined. The U.S. Air Forces Central said they used over 100 bombs to hit 60 targets in 16 places[17][18][18].

The U.K. Defence Ministry announced that it had targeted two sites. The first site, located at Bani in northwestern Yemen, was used to launch reconnaissance and attack drones. The second site was the Abbs airfield, which, according to the MoD, had been used for launching both cruise missiles and drones over the Red Sea.[18]

Explosions were reported in Sanaa, Hodeidah and Dhamar. The targets included logistics centres, air defense systems and weapons storage sites. According to a Houthi-run news channel, Hodeida International Airport, Taiz International Airport, the al-Dailami Air Base north of Sanaa, an airport near Hajjah and a camp east of Saada were hit.[1]


A US Navy F/A-18 taking off prior to the airstrikes
Tomahawk missiles being launched from a U.S. destroyer


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