Al-Qaidah (newspaper)

former Iraq newspaper

Al-Qaidah (Arabic: القاعدة, The Base) was a newspaper published in Iraq. It was used as a part of the Iraqi Communist Party.[1][2] It was printed at random times for 13 years.[3]

FoundedJanuary 1943
Political alignmentCommunist
Ceased publicationJune 19, 1956 (1956-06-19)
Circulation~5,400 (as of 1954–55)

Establishment change

The first issue of al-Qaidah came out in January 1943.[3][4] It was set up by Yusuf Salman Yusuf (Fahd)'s three supporters in the party Central Committee. They were Daud as-Sayegh, Hussain Muhammad ash-Shabibi and Zaki Muhammad Basim. The newspaper wanted to compete with ash-Shararah ('The Spark') for the position as the party newspaper. The different factions of the party were known by the names of their publications.[4] As-Sayegh served as editor of al-Qaidah before being removed from the party.[5]

Ban change

Al-Qaidah was banned by the government. People caught with an issue of the newspaper could be put in prison.[6] By 1947, bout 3000 copies of each issue of al-Qaidah were being printed.[1]: 191  It was one of the most widely read newspapers in the country at the time.[7] It was primarily read in Baghdad, the Shiite south and the Kurdish north.[1]: 181  During 1954–55, seventeen issues of al-Qaidah were published. Its issues had an average circulation of around 5,400.[8]

Ittihad ul-Amal change

In 1955, Ittihad ul-Amal was founded. After this, al-Qaidah began focusing more on agrarian issues.[9]

Shut down change

Al-Qaidah was shut down in 1956. The last issue was published on June 19, 1956.[10]

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