Alexander Dennis Enviro400

British-built model of double-decker bus, built 2005–2018

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 is a double-decker low-floor bus built by Alexander Dennis. There have been two generations since 2005.

First generation (2005–2015)Edit

The first generation Enviro400 was launched in December 2005.

Second generation (2014–present)Edit

The second generation Enviro400 (known as the Enviro400 MMC) was launched in May 2014.


A diesel-electric hybrid version, called the Enviro400H, was launched in October 2015.

E400H CityEdit

A hybrid version, called the Enviro400H City, was launched in October 2015. It is aimed at the London market, and is visually similar to the New Routemaster and Enviro200 MMC. The Enviro400H City is only sold as a hybrid in London to compete with the New Routemaster.