Aromanian language

Eastern Romance language spoken in Southeastern Europe

Aromanian (rrãmãneshti, armãneashti, or armãneshce), also known as Macedo-Romanian or Vlach, is an Eastern Romance language, similar to Meglenoromanian, or a dialect of the Romanian language[3] spoken in Southeastern Europe. Its speakers are called Aromanians or Vlachs.

rrãmãneshti, armãneashti, armãneashce
Native toGreece, Albania, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey.
Native speakers
estimated 250,000 (1997Template:Outdated inline)[1]
Early form
Latin (Aromanian alphabet)
Official status
Recognised minority
language in
Language codes
ISO 639-2rup
ISO 639-3rup
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