below-ground floor of a building

The basement is the lowest level or levels in some buildings, almost always below the ground. There is another type of basement, called a subbasement. or subcellar[1] A subcellar is just like a basement, but more below it.

Wine cellars

Most basements have lights.

History change

The first famous basements were made sometime in the 1950s.[2] After that, many other kinds of basements were built and made. Later, most basements were used to have washing machines and other items in basements.

Soon, basements were used to contain or save water.[3]

Basement uses change

Throughout history and even today, basements have been put to multiple uses. The most common uses for basements include storage, holding utilities, and conversion to different types of living space, such as game rooms. In some cities, like London and New York City, basements sometimes have apartments in them.

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