Bob McNair

American businessman

Robert C. McNair (1 January 1937 – 23 November 2018) was an American businessman and philanthropist. He was born in Tampa, Florida. McNair was the owner of the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL).[1] In September 2015, his net worth was $3.3 billion.[2]

Robert C. McNair
Bob McNair.jpg
Born1 January 1937
DiedNovember 23, 2018(2018-11-23) (aged 81)
OccupationBusinessman and philanthropist
Net worth$3.3 billion

McNair was a Republican having donated to many GOP political candidates such as Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mitch McConnell.[3]

McNair died on November 23, 2018 in Houston, Texas from skin cancer at the age of 81.[4]


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