Boris Badenov

main antagonist of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Boris Badenov is an antagonist of the 1959-1964 American animated television series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. He was voiced by Paul Frees in that series. Badenov's name is based on that of 16th century tsar Boris Godunov. His accent and explosive temper are a homage to American actor Akim Tamiroff, especially to Tamiroff's role in The Great McGinty a 1940 movie directed by Preston Sturges. Badenov was created by Bill Scott, who based the character's appearance on that of Gomez Addams.

Boris Badenov
Created byJay Ward
Alex Anderson
Bill Scott
Portrayed byDave Thomas (1992 film)
Jason Alexander (2000 film)
Voiced by
Significant other(s)Natasha Fatale