Paul Frees

American actor

Solomon Hersh Frees (June 22, 1920 – November 2, 1986), better known as Paul Frees, was an American actor, voice actor, impressionist, comedian and vaudevillian. He was best known for his work with MGM, Walter Lantz, and Walt Disney theatrical cartoons in the 1950s through the 1980s[1] and for providing the voice of Boris Badenov in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.[1] He became known as "The Man of a Thousand Voices."[2] He is also known for being the original voice of Ludwig Von Drake from 1961 until his death in 1986.

Paul Frees
Solomon Hersh Frees

(1920-06-22)June 22, 1920
DiedNovember 2, 1986(1986-11-02) (aged 66)
Cause of deathHeart failure
Resting placePacific Ocean
Other names
  • The Man of a Thousand Voices
  • Solomon Hersh Frees
  • Solomon Frees
  • Paul Hersh Frees
  • Buddy Green
  • Actor
  • voice actor
  • impressionist
  • comedian
  • vaudevillian
Years active1942–1986
Spouse(s)Anelle McCloud
(m. ?–1945, her death)
Kleda June Hansen
(m. 1947–1950, divorced)
Jeri J. Cole
(m. 1967–1969, divorced)
Beverly T. Marlow
(m. 1971–1986, his death)

Filmography change

Original Air Date Program Role Episode
1945 The Lux Radio Theatre Multiple Characters
1945–47 A Man Named Jordan Digger Slade
1946 Rogue's Gallery
1946 The Whistler
1946 The Alan Young Show
1946–52 Suspense Announcer / Passerby / Earl White / Frankenstein's Monster / Hubbard
1947 Ellery Queen
1947–48 Escape Doctor Dubosk / /Finnie Morner /John Woolfolk /Sanger Rainsford "The Fourth Man"
"Snake Doctor"
"Wild Oranges"
"The Most Dangerous Game"
1948 Your Movietown Radio Theatre Multiple Characters
1948 The First Nighter Program Additional voices
1949 The Green Lama Jethro Dumont / Green Lama
1949 Rocky Jordan
1949 Four Star Playhouse
1951 The Silent Men
1951 Mr. Aladdin Robert Aladdin
1951 Broadway Is My Beat
1951 The Thing from Another World Dr. Voorhees
1952–53 Gunsmoke Sut Grider / Gallagher / Doc Charles Adams (1 episode) "Heat Spell"
"The Soldier"
"The Cast"
1953 Crime Classics Charles McManus / Charley Ford / Charles Drew, Sr. / Pub Man "The Axe and the Droot Family- How They Fared"
"The Death of a Picture Hanger"
"The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew, Sr."
1953 Mr. President Additional Voices
1953 On Stage Chauffeur "Skin Deep"
1954 Fibber McGee and Molly
1956 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Bert Parker "The Jolly Roger Fraud" (Part 1)
1957 The CBS Radio Workshop Captain Vesey / Ogden the Messenger "Sweet Cherries in Charleston"
1984 Bradbury 13 Narrator
Year Film Role Notes
1947 Crazy with the Heat Oasis Soda Fountain Proprietor Uncredited
1949 The Adventures of Sir Galahad The Black Knight Voice
1950 Jerry and the Lion Radio Announcer
1950 Primitive Pluto Primo Pluto Short
1951 A Place in the Sun Rev. Morrison Live-Action
1951 Jerry's Cousin Cousin Muscles
1951 His Mouse Friday Jerry / Cannibals Uncredited
1951 The Thing From Another World Dr. Voorhees Live-Action
1951 His Kind of Woman Corley Live-Action
1952 The Star Richard Stanley Live-Action
1952 Cruise Cat Ship's Captain
1952 Busybody Bear Bear
1953 Life with Tom Radio Announcer
1953 The Missing Mouse Radio Announcer
1953 Wee Willy Wildcat Barney Bear
1953 The War of the Worlds Radio Reporter Live-Action
1953 Buccaneer Woodpecker Wally Walrus
1953 T.V. of Tomorrow Narrator
1954 Homesteader Droopy Narrator
1954 Baby Butch Butch
1954 The Farm of Tomorrow Narrator
1954 Suddenly Benny Live-Action
1955 Cellbound Prisoner / Warden / Little Wife
1956 Down Beat Bear First Radio Announcer
1956 Blue Cat Blues Jerry Mouse
1956 Francis in the Haunted House Francis
1956 The Harder They Fall Priest Live-action
1957 The 27th Day Ward Mason / Newscaster Live-Action
1957 Jet Pilot Lt. Tiompkin Uncredited
1957 The Cyclops Cyclops
1957 The Snow Queen Ol Dreamy / the Raven English Voice Only
1958 Space Master X-7 Dr. Charles T. Pommer
1959 Some Like It Hot Tony Curtis as Josephine
1959 The Shaggy Dog Narrator / J. W. Galvin
1960 Loopy De Loop Watchdog "Tale of a Wolf"
1961 One Hundred and One Dalmatians Dirty Dawson Uncredited
1961 The Absent-Minded Professor Loudspeaker Voice / Air Force Dispatcher Voice
1961 Clash and Carry Wally Walrus Wally Walrus Short
1962-72 The Beary Family Charlie Beary /Junior Beary
1962 A Symposium on Popular Songs Ludwig Von Drake / Al Jolson
1962 Gay Purr-ee Meowrice
1963 Stowaway Woody Unknown Woody Woodpecker Short
1964 Robin and the 7 Hoods Radio News Announcer
1964 The Disorderly Orderly Narrator
1964 The Carpetbaggers Narrator Uncredited
1964 The Brass Bottle Lawyer Jennings Voice
1964 Mary Poppins Barnyard Horse Voice
1965 The Great Race Automobiles
1965 Goofy's Freeway Troubles Narrator Voice
Goofy Short
1965 The Outlaws Is Coming Narrator / The Magic Talking Mirror Voice
1965 Sink Pink Hunter / Native Bearer Pink Panther Short
1965 Pink Panzer Neighbor / Devil Pink Panther Short
1966 The Man Called Flintstone Green Goose / Agent Triple X / Mario / Rock Slag / Ali / Bobo
1967 King Kong Escapes Dr. Hu Voice
English Voice Only
1967 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Narrator Voice
1970 Tora! Tora! Tora! Japanese Ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura Uncredited
1970 Beneath the Planet of the Apes Ending Voiceover Voice
1970 Patton War Correspondent / Member of the Staff of Patton / Sheik
1975 Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Narrator Uncredited
1976 Midway Adm. Yamamoto Voice
1982 The Flight of Dragons Antiquity Uncredited
1982 The Last Unicorn Mabruk
1983 Twice Upon a Time Narrator / Chief of State / Judges in The Pantry of Pomp / Bailiff
1985 The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal Narrator Documentary about George Pal
1987 The Puppetoon Movie Voice of Arnie the Dinosaur and Pillsbury Doughboy Released posthumously; 7 months after his death. This movie was dedicated to Paul Frees.
Year Title Role Notes
1953 The Jack Benny Program Narrator "The Honolulu Trip"
1955 Meet Mr. McNutley Husband Live-Action
"Jury Duty"
1955–56 The Bob Cummings Show Television announcer
1955–60 The Millionaire John Beresford Tipton Voice
1956 Jane Wyman Presents Emcee Live-Action
"Ten Percent"
1956–58 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Announcer / Swanson / Mary's Father Voice
1957 The Adventures of Jim Bowie Etienne Live-Action
"German George"
1957–68, 1976 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Ludwig Von Drake (16 episodes) / Narrator / Donald Duck (1 episode)/ Moby Duck (1 episode) Voice
1957–1961 The Woody Woodpecker Show Wally Walrus / Charlie / Doc / Various
1958–59 Steve Canyon Narrator
1959–64 The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show Boris / Inspector Fenwick / Captain Peter "Wrong Way" Peachfuzz / Additional Voices 163 Episodes / 326 Segments
1960 Mister Magoo Various 13 Episodes
1960–62 The Flintstones Mr. Granite / Rockenschpeel / TV Announcer / Ed Bedrock "The Babysitters"
"The Happy Household"
1961 Top Cat Tony / Additional Voices "The Maharajah of Pookajee"
"All That Jazz"
"The $1,000,000 Derby"
"The Con Men"
"Dibble's Double"
1961 The Dick Tracy Show Go-Go Gomez Uncredited
1961–62 Calvin and the Colonel Judge Oliver Wendell Clutch
1962 Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol Stage Director / Charity Man / Fezziwig / Old Joe / Undertaker TV Special
1963 Krazy Kat Ignatz Mouse
1962–64 Fractured Flickers Narrator / Various 26 episodes
1964–65 The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo Sherlock Holmes / Various 5 episodes
1961–66 Hoppity Hooper Narrator / Additional Voices 52 Episodes / 104 Segments
1965 The New Three Stooges Sarge / Von Vonce / Bomb Maker Voice
"That Little Old Bomb Maker"
1965 I Dream of Jeannie Narrator Voice
"My Hero?"
"Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?"
1965–66 The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show Squiddly Diddly / Morocco Mole / Double-Q / Yellow Pinkie /Claude Hopper 26 episodes
1965–69 The Beatles John Lennon / George Harrison
1966 The Impossibles Fluid-Man / Professor Stretch / Captain Kid / Puzzler / Infamous Mr. Instant / Artful Archer / Dr. Futuro 26 episodes
1966 Laurel and Hardy Additional Characters
1966 Get Smart Greenstreet Character / Lorre Character "Casablanca"
1966–67 The Super 6 Dispatcher "Super Chief" / Brother Matzoriley #1 and #3 / Captain Whammo
1966–68 Space Ghost Brago / Zeron 20 Episodes
1967 Cricket on the Hearth Sea Captain / Caw / Others TV special
1967–70 George of the Jungle Ape / Weevil / Baron Otto Matic / Various 17 episodes
1967 Shazzan Various 6 episodes
1967 The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure Kobarah / Evil Star Voice
"Hawkman: Peril from Pluto"
"Green Lantern: Evil Is as Evil Does"
1967–68 Super President James Norcross / Narrator
1967–68 The Fantastic 4 Ben Grimm / The Thing 20 episodes
1968 The Mouse on the Mayflower Captain Christopher Jones TV Special
1968 Arabian Knights Vangore 18 episodes
1968 The Little Drummer Boy Ali / Aaron's Father/ The Three Wise Men / Meshaw / Jamilie / Various other Male roles TV Special
1969 The Pink Panther Show Man Talking to the Pink Panther / Texan Hunter / The Pink Panther (1 episode)
1969 The Banana Splits Adventure Hour Evil Vangore / Sazoom 8 episodes
1969 Frosty the Snowman Santa Claus \ Traffic Cop TV Special
1970 The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians W. C. Fields / Zeppo Marx / Harpo Marx / Traffic Cop TV Special
1970 Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town Burgermeister Meisterburger / Newsreel Announcer / Grimsby / Topper / Additional Voices / Ebenezer Scrooge / Ringle, Dingle, Zingle, Tingle, & Wingle Kringle TV Special
1971 Hawaii Five O Goro Shibata Voice
"Odd Man In"
1971 Here Comes Peter Cottontail Santa Claus / Man at Thanksgiving Table / Colonel Bunny's assistant / Fireman / Ben the Rooster TV special
1971–72 The Jackson 5ive Additional Voices
1972 Alias Smith and Jones Hannibal Heyes Voice
"The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg"
1972 Hawaii Five O Steve McGarrett Imposter Voice
"The Ninety-Second War: Part I"
1972 The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie Iguana Voice
"Willie Mays and the Say-Hey Kid"
1974–76 Run, Joe, Run Narrator
1975 Wonder Woman Prologue Narrator / Franklin D. Roosevelt Voice
"The New Original Wonder Woman"
1976 The First Easter Rabbit Santa Claus / Zero / Spats TV Special
1976 Frosty's Winter Wonderland Jack Frost / Traffic Cop TV Special
1976 Rudolph's Shiny New Year Aeon the Terrible / Santa Claus / General Ticker / Humpty Dumpty TV Special
1976 The Pink Panther Laugh-and-a-Half Hour-and-a-Half Show Additional Voices
1977 The Hobbit Bombur / Troll #1 TV Movie
1977 Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey Olaf / Donkey Dealer TV Special
1977 Fantastic Animation Festival Opening Narrator TV special, uncredited
1978 The Stingiest Man in Town Ghost of Christmas Past / Ghost of Christmas Present TV Special
1979 Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July Jack Frost / Officer Kelly / Winterbolt / Genie of the Ice Scepter / Keeper of the Cave of Lost Rejections TV Movie
1979 Jack Frost Father Winter / Kubla Klaus TV Special
1980 The Return of the King Elrond / Orc / Uruk-hai / Goblin TV movie
1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends Himself / Various Video Documentary
1984 Knight Rider KARR Voice
"K.I.T.T. vs K.A.R.R."
1986 DTV Valentine Ludwig Von Drake / Announcer TV movie
1987 The Wind in the Willows Wayfarer Released 8 months after Frees' death

References change

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