Braided river

network of river channels separated by small, and often temporary, islands called braid bars

A braided river is a network of small channels separated by islands that are often not fixed. In other words, the river channels wander across a flat area.

The Waimakariri River in the South Island of New Zealand is a braided river
A marvellous photo of a flat plain bearing a braided river in Poland: The Narew at Strękowa Góra
The White River in Washington State

Braided rivers are found in places where the river carries a lot of sediment, and when it slows down and spreads out. The river delta of the Amazon River is a good example on a huge scale, and the Waimakariri River is a good example on a smaller scale.

Large systemsEdit

Large braided river systems are found around the world:

All these regions contain young mountains that have quick erosion.

Europe has two notably braided rivers: the Narew, in Poland and Belarus, and the Tagliamento in northeastern Italy.

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