Chowder (TV series)

American animated television series

Chowder is an American animated television series that started on Cartoon Network on November 2, 2007. The show was created by C.H. Greenblatt, a former storyboard artist on SpongeBob SquarePants and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. The title character is a young child named Chowder. Chowder is a student to a chef named Mung Daal, who owns a baking company serving the fictional "Marzipan City". The show has animation with stop motion animation and puppetry.

Created byC.H. Greenblatt
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes49
Original release
NetworkCartoon Network
ReleaseNovember 2, 2007 (2007-11-02) –
August 7, 2010 (2010-08-07)

The series revolves around the titular Chowder, a cat-bear-rabbit hybrid and aspiring young cook at Chef Mung Daal's catering company. Though he is lighthearted and carefree, Chowder's actions habitually land him in circumstances beyond his control, partly due to his large appetite and absent-mindedness. Mung and his wife Truffles, Mung's rock monster employee Schnitzel, and Chowder's gaseous pet Kimchi all try to aid Chowder in his ambitions to become a great chef, but frequently find themselves undermined by the calamitous antics that ensue. Chowder is also undermined by Panini, a girl who has an unrequited love for Chowder, going so far as to say that he is her boyfriend despite the pair not actually dating.


  • Chowder (voiced by Nicky Jones): A chubby lavender cat/bear/rabbit[1] hybrid who serves as an apprentice under the chef Mung Daal, Chowder lives with Mung Daal and his wife, Truffles, in a room at the top of the catering business. Chowder wants to become a great chef, but he is very impulsive and scatterbrained and often gives in to his urges. He is always hungry and eats anything, even a customer's order. Chowder can also regurgitate objects, and he is used as a storage container by the other characters. According to Greenblatt, he is a composite of a cat, a bear, and a rabbit, and his species was verified in at least one episode.[2] C.H. Greenblatt voiced his adult self in the last episode. In the final episode, "Chowder Grows Up" Chowder takes over the Catering Company, has his own apprentice, and marries Panini. He is also a father to 50 babies.
  • Mung Daal (voiced by Dwight Schultz): The elderly goblin chef who runs the catering company at which Chowder works.[3] He serves as Chowder's cooking master. Although his exact age has not been stated, he has mentioned that he has cooked for at least 386 years,[4] and he celebrated 450 years of marriage to Truffles (see below). He likes to impress ladies, to the point where as a child apprentice, he prepared a dish incorrectly due to becoming distracted, which he and Chowder had to time travel to fix.[5] He is a light blue-colored humanoid with an oversized nose and ears and is named after the Indian dish mung daal. Greenblatt had originally planned to give Mung an Indian accent, but later decided against it.


Season 1
No. Title Date shown
1 The Froggy Apple Crumble Thumpkin/Chowder’s Girlfriend (New Series) November 2, 2007
2 Burple Nurples/Shnitzel Makes a Deposit November 2, 2007
3 Grubble Gum/The Cinamini Monster November 9, 2007
4 Certifrycation Class/Sing Beans November 16, 2007
5 The Wrong Address/The Wrong Customer November 23, 2007
6 Mahjongg Night/Stinky Love November 30, 2007
7 The Thrice Cream Man/The Flibber-Flabber Diet December 7, 2007
8 Gispacho Stands Up/A Taste of Marzapan December 14, 2007
9 The Puckerberry Overloads/The Elemelons January 18, 2008
10 Sniffleball/Mung on the Rocks March 6, 2008
11 The Moldy Touch/The Heavy Sleeper April 3, 2008
12 At Your Service/Chowder and Mr. Fugu May 1, 2008
13 The Vacation/The Sleep Eater June 5, 2008
14 The Bruised Bluenana/Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel June 12, 2008
15 The Thousand Pound Cake/The Rat Sandwich June 19, 2008
16 Chowder Loses His Hat/Brain Grub June 26, 2008
17 Shnitzel Quits July 3, 2008
18 The Broken Part/The Meach Harvest July 10, 2008
19 Banned from the Stand/Creme Puff Hands July 17, 2008
20 The Apprentice Games July 24, 2008
Season 2
No. Title Date shown
21 The Arborians/The Garage Sale October 2, 2008
22 Panini for President/Chowder's Babysitter November 6, 2008
23 The Fire Breather/The Flying Finger Lingons November 13, 2008
24 Hey Hey It's Knishmas! December 4, 2008
25 Chowder's Catering Company/The Catch Phrase December 11, 2008
26 The Hot Date/Shopping Spree February 12, 2009
27 The Party Cruise/Won-Ton Bombs March 26, 2009
28 The Big Hat Biddies/The Deadly Maze April 2, 2009
29 Kid Shnitzel/Gispacho Fights Back April 9, 2009
30 The B.L.T.'s/The Trouble with Truffles April 16, 2009
31 The Dinner Theater April 30, 2009
32 Big Ball/The Brain Freeze July 9, 2009
33 The Snail Car/The Lollistops July 16, 2009/July 23, 2009
34 Endive's Dirty Secret/Big Food July 30, 2009
35 Paint the Town/The Blackout April 23, 2009
36 The Dice Cycle/The Chain Recipe August 13, 2009
37 The Garden/Sheboodles August 20, 2009
38 Gispacho Moves In/My Big Fat Stinky Wedding August 27, 2009/September 3, 2009
39 Apprentice Appreciation Day/The Grape Worm September 10, 2009/September 17, 2009
40 A Faire to Remember/Tofu-Town Showdown September 24, 2009/October 8, 2009
Season 3
No. Title Date shown
41 Hands on a Big Mixer/The Spookiest House in Marzapan October 15, 2009/October 22, 2009
42 The Poultry Geist/The Blast Raz October 29, 2009/November 5, 2009
43 The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker/The Apprentice Scouts November 12, 2009/November 19, 2009
44 A Little Bit of Pizzazz!/The Birthday Suits December 3, 2009/December 10, 2009
45 The Heist/The Prank January 7, 2010/January 14, 2010
46 Old Man Thyme/Chowder's Magazine January 21, 2010/January 28, 2010
47 Weekend at Shnitzel's/Taste Buds March 4, 2010/March 11, 2010
48 Gispacho!/The Toots March 18, 2010/April 5, 2010
49 Chowder Grows Up (Series Finale) August 7, 2010


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