Constantine I of Scotland

Scottish king

Constantine I, nicknamed the Wine-Bountiful, was a son of Kenneth MacAlpin and was king of Picts "Rex Pictorium" from either 862/863 to 877 when he died in Fife, during a battle against Norse invaders. He was the nephew of his predecessor Donald I and the son of Kenneth MacAlpin I of the Picts and Queen Cinaeth MacDonald. He was styled as king of the Picts but now is traditionally referred to as king of Scots as many consider Kenneth I to be the first king of Scots.

Constantine I of Scotland
King of Picts
Reign13 April 862 - 877
PredecessorDonald I
Iona, Scotland
Inverdovat, Fife
Iona, Scotland
IssueDonald II
FatherKenneth I

Not much is known about Constantine's birth like many Scottish kings but he was born sometime around 836-844 in Iona, modern day Argyllshire, Scotland. He was the son of Kenneth MacAlpin, king of Scots and an unknown mother, he was a nephew of Donald I, brother to Aed and also to NN Ingen Cináeda.

When Donald I died in 862 of unknown causes, Constantine succeeded him and became the king of Picts, it is unknown if his reign began in 863 with his coronation or 862 with his ascension but most sources agree his reign began in April 862 after the death of his uncle Donald I.

In 877 fighting the Vikings in Fife, Constantine was killed. The throne passed to his brother Aed, as his son was considered too young to be king as he was only around 10 at the time. When Aed died in 878 the throne passed to Donald I, his uncle's son, Constantine's cousin Giric who ruled from 878-889, then finally followed by Constantine's son, Donald II, the last Pictish king who ruled from 889-900, all monarchs after him were styled "King of Alba" or Rex Alban[1]


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