Donald I of Scotland

King of the Picts from 858 to 862

Donald I was a king of Scotland from the death of his brother Kenneth MacAlpin (13 February 858) to his own death (sometime 862). He was chosen to be the next king as at this time. He was the son of Aílpin II, a king from Ireland.

Donald I
King of the Picts
Reign13 February 858 - 13 April 862
PredecessorKenneth I
SuccessorConstantine I
Bornc. 812
Iona, Scotland
Died13 April 862
Perthshire, Scotland
HouseAlpin (MacAlpin)
FatherAílpin II

Donald I was born in 812, most likely in Iona.

Donald I's reign began on 13 February 858 when his brother Kenneth died from natural causes. He was king for only 3-4 years as he died in 862. He left the throne to his nephew, Constantine I.

Donald I died on 13 April 862, 4 years and 2 months into his reign. He died in battle against Vikings. Not much else is known about his death.


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