Balkan kingdom of the Dacians (168 BC-106 AD)

The Roman province of Dacia was in the Balkans. It included Transylvania, Banat and Oltenia in the modern Romania, and Muntenia and southern Moldova. It did not include the nearby regions of Moesia.

A map of the Roman provinces of Illyricum, Macedonia, Dacia, Moesia, Pannonia and Thracia

It was a big district in Central Europe of the Roman Empire. The northern part of the border was made up of the Carpathians; the southern part of the border of Dacia was made up of the Danube River, and the western part of the border of Dacia was made up of the Tisza River. Along the borders many Roman strongpoints built. The Dacia district protected the Empire from foreign tribes of the north east side.

The place where Dacia once was is now made up of Romania and Moldova, along with some parts of Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The capital of Dacia was Sarmizegetusa. The name of Romania came probably from the idea of the former "Romans country".

Dacia was added to the Roman Empire in its earliest days by the Emperor Trajan. Despite its wealth, it was the first province from which Rome withdrew.


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