Deputy Prime Minister of Spain

Second-highest position of the Government of Spain

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Spain, officially First Vice President of the Government of Spain, (Spanish: Vicepresidente Primero del Gobierno de España) is the second politician in charge after the Prime Minister of Spain. They take the responsiblities of Prime Minister when the office vacant due to resignation or death.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Spain
Vicepresidente Primero del Gobierno de España
Carmen Calvo

since 7 June 2018
Government of Spain
Council of Ministers
StyleExcelentísimo/a Señor/a
Member ofCabinet
ResidenceSemillas Building, Palacio de la Moncloa
SeatMadrid, Spain
NominatorThe Prime Minister
AppointerThe Monarch
Countersigned by the Prime Minister of Spain
Term lengthNo fixed term
No term limits are imposed on the office.
Constituting instrumentConstitution of 1978
Formation3 October 1840
(183 years ago)
First holderJoaquín María Ferrer
Unofficial namesDeputy Prime Minister of Spain
Salary€77,992 p.a.[1]

Living Deputy Prime Ministers change

As of March 2024, there are ten living former Spanish Deputy Prime Ministers:

The most recent Deputy Prime Minister to die was Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba (served 2010–2011) on 10 May 2019, aged 67.

References change

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