person who designs

A designer is a person who designs or plans how something will look, work, or be made. Designers use their creativity, knowledge and skills to solve problems and create things that are functional, attractive and useful. Some things they might design include automotives, typefaces, clothing, graphics, interiors, products, movies, commercials and websites.

To become a designer, individuals often need to take formal education in design-related fields such as graphic design, fashion design or type design.

Designers work in various industries, including advertising, fashion, architecture and technology. They may work independently as freelancers or as part of design teams within companies or design agencies.

Types of designers change

There are many different types of designers, each specializing in a particular area of design. Some common types of designers include:

  • Interior designers plan and design interior spaces to make them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They consider factors such as layout, color schemes, furniture and lighting.
  • Industrial designers develop concepts and designs for manufactured products, such as cars, appliances and electronics.
  • Web designers design websites.

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