Dick Figures

American adult-oriented animated comedy series

Dick Figures is an American adult comedy series created and written by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller. Episodes are shown on YouTube. The series is about two best friends named Red and Blue. They are stick figures. The series is rated MA. The first episode, "A Bee or Something", was shown on November 18, 2010. Episodes were uploaded every second week with ten episodes per season. There is currently, however, a big delay with season five as it is planned to be shown after the movie is released sometime in 2013.

Dick Figures
Created byEd Skudder
Written byEd Skudder
Zack Keller
Voices ofEd Skudder
Zack Keller
Shea Logsden
Ben Tuller
Composer(s)Nick Keller
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes40
Running time1-5 minutes
Production company(s)Six Point Harness
Original networkMondo Media
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Original releaseNovember 18, 2010 (2010-11-18) –
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  • Ed Skudder as Red, Raccoon, Mr. Dingleberry
  • Zack Keller as Blue, Jason (Trollz0r)
  • Ben Tuller as Lord Tourettes
  • Shea Logsden as Pink
  • Mike Nassar as Broseph
  • Lauren Kay Sokolov as Stacy
Season Episodes Originally shown
Season premiere Season finale
1 10 November 18, 2010 March 24, 2011
2 April 21, 2011 August 25, 2011
3 September 22, 2011 January 26, 2012
4 April 5, 2012 August 1, 2012

Season 1 (2010-2011)Edit

Total # Title Time Written by Original air date
11"A Bee or Something"2:27Ed Skudder and Zack KellerNovember 18, 2010[1]
Red swallows a bee, and tries to cheer up Blue who is dealing with a break-up.
22"Panda Hat"2:25Ed Skudder and Zack KellerDecember 2, 2010[2]
Blue visits Red after he spends his birthday alone at a bar.
33"Flame War"3:10Ed Skudder and Zack KellerDecember 16, 2010[3]
Red and Blue visit a shopping center and fight to get the best game ever released, Flame War: Attack of the Trolls.
44"Traffic Jams"1:56Ed Skudder and Zack KellerDecember 30, 2010[4]
Blue is in a traffic jam when Red shows up to cause trouble.
55"Steakosaurus"3:11Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJanuary 13, 2011[5]
Red is hungry. To solve this, he tries going back in time to eat some dinosaurs.
66"OMG"2:01Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJanuary 27, 2011[6]
Blue is stuck in an endless dream. Or is he? This episode is a parody of Inception.
77"Trouble Date"2:08Ed Skudder and Zack KellerFebruary 10, 2011[7]
Blue and his girlfriend Pink are on a romantic date. Red and his girlfriend show up and start ruining Blue and Pink's date.
88"Kitty Amazing"2:46Ed Skudder and Zack KellerFebruary 24, 2011[8]
Red finds a very cute kitten in a garbage bin.
99"Role Playas"2:45Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMarch 10, 2011[9]
A role-playing episode. Maroon and his wizard Cerulean go on an adventure to save the princess Pinkcess.
1010"Attack of the Pwns"4:10Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMarch 24, 2011[10]
Red and Blue fight in space over a frozen burrito.

Season 2 (2011)Edit

Total # Title Time Written by Original air date
111"Zombies & Shotguns"2:31Ed Skudder and Zack KellerApril 21, 2011[11]
During a visit to the local MaulMart, Red struggles to crack open some finger food. Zombies go after much larger body parts.
122"Camp Anarchy"2:20Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMay 5, 2011[12]
Red has fun while reigniting childhood memories with Blue at their childhood camp. He also has fun igniting dynamite.
133"Butt Genie"2:24Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMay 19, 2011[13]
Red and Blue's hamster Flufferz dies. Before he dies, he excretes a magical teapot.
144"Lord Tourette's Syndrome"2:26Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJune 2, 2011[14]
Lord Tourettes gets Red and Blue to help him put the hat back on his head, and the toilet back in his mouth.
155"Fang Angels"2:48Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJune 16, 2011[15]
Blue is placed under house arrest by the Fang Angels. Red plots an escape.
166"Captain Red Rum & The Pina Colada Armada"2:52Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJune 30, 2011[16]
Red and Blue make pretend to be pirates.
177"Y U So Meme?"3:04Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJuly 14, 2011[17]
Red tracks down TROLLz0r, a Flame War gamer who is always beating him at the game.
188"Sex Marks the Spot"3:48Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJuly 28, 2011[18]
Red pulls a map from the magical Porcelain Throne. He and Blue become the Raiders of the Lost Fart.
199"We're Cops!"3:27Ed Skudder and Zack KellerAugust 11, 2011[19]
Red takes Blue on a joy ride. They get stopped by a policeman.
2010"Bath Rhymes"4:35Ed Skudder and Zack KellerAugust 25, 2011[20]
Several hundred animation stories were submitted by viewers. They were combined into a video.

Season 3 (2011-2012)Edit

Total # Title Time Written by Original air date
201"Adventures of Batman & The Bloser"2:27Ed Skudder and Zack KellerSeptember 22, 2011[21]
Red, Blue and the rest of the color spectrum are worried as Earl Grey, a high-class super-villain, threatens to turn the world into black and white!
212"Real Dudes Bros Night Man"3:52Ed Skudder and Zack KellerOctober 6, 2011[22]
A continuation of the previous episode.
223"Terminate-Her"3:20Ed Skudder and Zack KellerOctober 20, 2011[23]
At a Halloween party, Red dresses up as a Terminator. Blue meets a girl who wants to 69.
234"Modern Flame War"4:33Ed Skudder and Zack KellerNovember 3, 2011[24]
After an internet outage, Red and Blue team up again with TROLLz0r to unload their weapons while searching for the perfect pair of bazookas.
245"Planet Asshole"3:48Ed Skudder and Zack KellerNovember 17, 2011[25]
Red burns his anus with a chili burrito. He and Blue then offer hungry aliens advice on pregnancy, relaxation and face washing.
256"Zeusbag"3:42Ed Skudder and Zack KellerDecember 1, 2011[26]
Red and Blue accept Zeus' challenge, hoping to become Greek gods like Uranus, Nympho and Phallus.
267"Chug-A-Chug-A-Brew-Brew"3:26Ed Skudder and Zack KellerDecember 15, 2011[27]
After a night of drinking alcohol, Red brings Blue into a brawl.
278"Brain Switch"2:54Ed Skudder and Zack KellerDecember 29, 2011[28]
Red and Blue accidentally swaps brains. They try to take over eachother's lives.
299"Pleasure Cruise"3:39Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJanuary 12, 2012[29]
Red and Blue go sailing and drinking.
2910"Kung Fu Winners"5:48Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJanuary 26, 2012[30]
When ninjas steal Blue's girlfriend, Red is called in to help.

Season 4 (2012)Edit

Total # Title Time Written by Original air date
301"Losing Streakers"2:47Ed Skudder and Zack KellerApril 5, 2012[31]
Red and Blue go on a gambling roadtrip to win money for their rent.
312"Pussy Magnet"2:00Ed Skudder and Zack KellerApril 19, 2012[32]
To help Blue's ability at sex, Red shares his three-step strategy on foreplay.
323"Taco Tuesday"2:50Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMay 3, 2012[33]
Red and Blue are caught trying to run out of an Italian restaurant without paying. They are forced to deliver pizza as punishment.
334"Ocho Muerte"2:01Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMay 17, 2012[34]
Blue is about have sex. Then Red appears and ruins it.
345"First Day of Cool"4:39Ed Skudder and Zack KellerMay 31, 2012[35]
The start of Red and Blue's friendship.
356"The Red Devil"2:47Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJune 14, 2012[36]
Red and Blue become robbers in Mexico.
367"Freshman 15"2:39Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJune 28, 2012[37]
Red attempts to complete a challenge of having sex with 15 girls in one night.
378"Ballad of Lord Tourettes"2:12Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJuly 5, 2012[38]
A day in the life of Lord Tourettes.
389"The Fart Knight Rises"3:54Ed Skudder and Zack KellerJuly 12, 2012[39]
Batman and the Bloser are hired to protect the Olympics.
3910"Robot Frog"2:57Ed Skudder and Zack KellerAugust 1, 2012[40]
Blue's girlfriend might break up with him. He is about to have a bad day. Red will not stop singing.


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