American company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression
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Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (often known simply as Dolby) is a company specializing in audio noise reduction, audio encoding/compression, spatial audio, and High-dynamic-range television imaging. Dolby licenses its technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers.

Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Company typePublic
FoundedMay 18, 1965; 59 years ago (1965-05-18) in London, England
FounderRay Dolby
Number of locations
30+ (2014)
Area served
Key people
Productssee Technologies
ServicesDolby Cinema
RevenueDecrease US$1.25 billion (2022)
Decrease US$207 million (2022)
Decrease US$184 million (2022)
Total assetsDecrease US$2.69 billion (2022)
Total equityDecrease US$2.25 billion (2022)
Number of employees
2,336 (2022)
Footnotes / references

It was founded by Ray Dolby (1933–2013) in London, England, in 1965. He moved the company headquarters to San Francisco in 1976.

The first movie with Dolby sound was A Clockwork Orange in 1971.


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