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Central Bavarian or Central Austro-Bavarian is a group of Bavarian dialects which are spoken in Austria. It is also spoken in Bavaria along the Danube, the northern Eastern Alps, and the Old Bavarian regions (mostly Munich). There are many large cities along the course of these rivers, and the dialects have a high prestige. They are also commonly used in TV and movie productions. It is commonly referred to as West Central Bavarian (Westmittelbairisch, spoken in Upper and Lower Bavaria) and East Central Bavarian (Ostmittelbairisch, spoken in Upper and Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, and Burgenland).

Central Bavarian
Native toGermany (Upper and Lower Bavaria)
Austria (Upper and Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Burgenland)
Latin (German alphabet)
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Bavarian dialects
  Central Bavarian

Differences from Bavarian change

The differences are noticeable. For example, the Bavarian word vui becomes vüü in East Central Bavarian, and the word dahâm becomes dahoam in West Central Bavarian.

Isogloss West Central Bavarian East Central Bavarian Standard German
ui vs. üü (< ahd. il): vui

Schbui, schbuin

i wui, mia woin


Schbüü, schbüün

i wüü, mia wöön/woin


Spiel, spielen

ich will, wir wollen

å vs. oa (< ahd. ar): i få, mia fåma

håt, heata

Gfå, gfâli

i foa, mia foan

hoat, heata

Gfoa, gfeali

ich fahre, wir fahrenhart, härter

Gefahr, gefährlich

oa vs. â (< ahd. ei): oans, zwoa, gloa,

hoaß, hoazn,

dahoam, Stoa

âns, zwâ, glâ,

hâß, hâzn,

dahâm, Stâ

eins, zwei, klein,

heiß, heizen,

daheim, Stein

o vs. à (< ahd. au): i kàf, mia kàffa(n) i kòf, mia kòffa(n) ich kaufe, wir kaufen
illegal: i kimm, mia kemma(n) i kumm, mia kumma(n) ich komme, wir kommen

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