central district and city in Edirne province, Turkey

Edirne (formerly Adrianople) is a city in the northwestern Turkish province of Edirne in the region of East Thrace, close to Turkey's borders with Greece and Bulgaria. In Greek, it is sometimes called Adrianoúpolis, in Bulgarian its name is Odrin. In 2019, about 185,408 People lived there, mostly Thracians - Turkish people, Pomak, Gajal, Crimean Tatars and Romanlar. Each year, the Romanlar hold the Kakava Festival, where they wait of Baba Fingo. Edirne is on the Istanbul–Pythio railway, which links Istanbul to Sofia. With the Lausanne treaty of 1921, the border was just outside Edirne, and until part of the track was rebuilt in the 1960s, the trains from Edirne to Istanbul passed over Greek territory.

Tunca brige, with a mosque in the background.

From 1361 - 1453 Edirne was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. From Ottoman times, the Selimiye Mosque was established.[1] Since that time, every year are hold the Kirkpinar Oil wrestling Festival in Edirne.[2]

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