East Thrace

geographic region

East Thrace is the European part of Turkey and belongs to the Balkans Peninsula. Edirne and the European side of Istanbul are the main cities of the region, which borders Bulgaria and Greece. The Bosporus Strait divided it into Europan and Asian parts. Mahya Dağı, the highest peak of the Strandzha Massif; Gallipoli; the Dardanelles; the Sea of Marmara are the most well-known places in East Thrace, which connects to the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Most inhabitants are Romanlar (Turkish Gypsiess) and the Turkish people, like the Amuca tribe, Gajal and Peoples of Balkan in Turkey, like Pomak, the Patriyotlar. Also, a major diaspora of Crimean Tatars lives here. Oil wrestling is the main sport.[1]

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