Entre A Mi Mundo

album by Selena

Entre A Mi Mundo (English: Enter My World), was the fourth studio album by Mexican-American Tejano pop singer, Selena. The album was released on May 6, 1992, a month after her marriage with Selena y Los Dinos guitarist, Chris Pérez.

Entre a Mi Mundo
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 6, 1992 (1992-05-06) (U.S.)
GenreTejano, Latin Pop, R&B
LabelEMI Latin
ProducerA.B. Quintanilla III
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Personal Best
Entre a Mi Mundo Baila Esta Cumbia
Singles from Entre a Mi Mundo
  1. "Buenos Amigos"
    Released: November 22, 1991
  2. "La Carcacha"
    Released: May 29, 1992
  3. "Como La Flor"
    Released: October 4, 1992
  4. "¿Qué Creias?"
    Released: January 29, 1993
  5. "Amame"
    Released: April 28, 1993

The album won several awards at the Tejano Music Awards and Premio Lo Nuestro Awards.[1] Songs like "Como La Flor" and "La Carcacha" became Selena's signature songs and helped her crossover to tour in Mexico. The duet with El Salvadoran singer, Álvaro Torres, entitled "Buenos Amgios", the song became Selena's first #1 Billboard song and helped her crossover to South America.[2] To date the album had sold more than 1,200,000 copies in the United States being certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA.[3]

Track listing Edit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Si La Quieres"  Ricky Vela 3:11
2. "Como La Flor"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo 3:02
3. "Yo Te Sigo Queriendo"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Ricky Vela 3:08
4. "¿Qué Creias?"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo 3:30
5. "Las Cadenas"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Ricky Vela 3:54
6. "Vuelve A Mí"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo 2:55
7. "La Carcacha"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo 4:09
8. "Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti"  A.B. Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo 3:01
9. "Missing My Baby"  A.B. Quintanilla III 3:48
10. "Amame"  Selena Quintanilla, Pete Astudillo 3:38
20 Years of Music Version
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
11. "Buenos Amigos" (featuring Álvaro Torres)Álvaro Torres 4:46
12. "Where Did the Feeling Go?"  Norman Saleet 3:44

Certifications Edit

Country Certification
United States 6x Platinum (Latin)
Mexico 8x Platinum
Argentina Gold

Personnel Edit

  • Pete Astudillo - Vocals (Background)
  • Selena - Main Performer
  • Manny R. Guerra - Engineer
  • Manny R. Guerra - Guest Appearance
  • Joe Ojeda - Keyboards
  • Chris Pérez - Guitar
  • Abraham Quintanilla III - Bass
  • Abraham Quintanilla III - Arranger
  • Abraham Quintanilla III - Vocals
  • Abraham Quintanilla III - Producer
  • Ricky Vela - Keyboards
  • Al Rendon - Photography
  • Selena Quintanilla - Vocals
  • Ramon Hernandez - Photography
  • Suzette Quintanilla - Drums
  • Suzette Quintanilla - Liner Notes
  • Suzette Quintanilla - Stylist
  • Brian "Red" Moore - Engineer
  • Joel Jose Guzman - Guest Appearance
  • Lisette Lorenzo - Art Direction
  • Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. - Executive Producer

References Edit

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