Equity Party (Mauritania)

political party in Mauritania

The Equity Party (Arabic: حزب الإنصاف, romanized: ḥizb al-inṣāf; French: Parti de l'équité), often known by the transliteration of its Arabic name, "El Insaf", is a political party in Mauritania. It was made on 3 July 2022 after Union for the Republic rebranded itself before the 2023 Mauritanian parliamentary election.

Equity Party
حزب الإنصاف
Parti El Insaf
PresidentMohamed Melainine Ould Eyih
President of the parliamentary groupMohammed Lemine Ould Amar[1]
Founded3 July 2022
Preceded byUnion for the Republic
Liberal conservatism[3]
Political positionCentre-right[3]
National affiliationCoordination of Parties of the Majority
International affiliationCentrist Democrat International
Sloganالميزان (The balance/scale)[2]
National Assembly
107 / 176
Regional councils
124 / 285

It is led by Mohamed Melainine Ould Eyih. He left his position in the cabinet to focus on the leadership of the party before the 2023 Mauritanian parliamentary election.[4]


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