Everard Ranges

mountain range in South Australia

27°06′46″S 132°31′45″E / 27.11278°S 132.52917°E / -27.11278; 132.52917 The Everard Ranges is a mountain range in northern South Australia. It consists of low rounded granite hills, topped with bare rock. The rock is from the Palaeocene period, between 20 and 60 million years ago. The range is segmented, with several monoliths and bornhardts separated from the hills by valleys. The valleys are filled with scrub, and the range is surrounded by Tertiary plains. The plains around it are about 550 metres above sea level.

The Everard Ranges are part of the traditional homeland of the Yankunytjatjara people. However, today most of the people living in and around the area are Pitjantjatjara. There are several caves and overhangs with Aboriginal rock paintings. The community of Mimili is located in the east of the range, about 22 km east of the centre.

The Everard Ranges were named by Ernest Giles after Everard Park, a large cattle station that covered the eastern part of the range (it is now the community of Mimili).

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