Finsbury Park station

railway station; interchange with the tube station of the same name

Finsbury Park is a busy transport interchange in North London. The interchange consists of an interconnected National Rail station, London Underground station and two bus stations. The main entrances are by the eastern bus station on Station Place. The National Rail ticket office here lies in between one entrance marked by the Underground roundel symbol, while the other is marked by the National Rail symbol, and provides direct access to the main line platforms. There is another exit by the western bus station along Wells Terrace, incorporating the Underground ticket office, plus a narrow side entrance to the south on the A503 Seven Sisters Road. The complex is in Travelcard Zone 2.

Finsbury Park London Underground National Rail
Eastern entrance on Station Place
Finsbury Park is located in Greater London
Finsbury Park
Finsbury Park
Location of Finsbury Park in Greater London
LocationFinsbury Park
Local authorityLondon Borough of Islington
Managed byGreat Northern
London Underground
Station codeFPK
Number of platforms10 (6 National Rail,[1] 4 Underground)
Fare zone2
London Underground annual entry and exit
2008Decrease 26.300 million[2]
2009Decrease 23.214 million[2]
2017Decrease 31.22 million[2]
2018Decrease 23.39 million[3]
2019Increase 33.40 million[4]
2020Decrease 15.82 million[5]
2021Decrease 14.05 million[6]
National Rail annual entry and exit
2007–08Increase 5.546 million[7]
– interchange Increase 2.422 million[7]
2008–09Decrease 5.494 million[7]
– interchange Increase 2.629 million[7]
2009–10Increase 6.566 million[7]
– interchange Decrease 2.529 million[7]
2010–11Increase 7.337 million[7]
– interchange Decrease 1.411 million[7]
Railway companies
Original companyGreat Northern Railway
Pre-groupingGreat Northern Railway
Post-groupingLondon and North Eastern Railway
Key dates
1850Tracks laid
1861Opened (GNR)
1867Opened (Edgware branch)
1904Opened (GN&CR)
1906Opened as terminus (GNP&BR)
1932Became through station (Piccadilly)
1954Closed (Edgware branch, passengers)
1964Closed (Northern City Line)
1968Opened (Victoria)
1970Closed (Edgware branch)
1976Opened (Northern City Line)
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WGS8451°33′53″N 0°06′23″W / 51.564653°N 0.106366°W / 51.564653; -0.106366

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National Rail change

The above-ground National Rail station, which has a separate ticket office to the Underground station, is managed and served by First Capital Connect. Trains from Moorgate and King's Cross form inner suburban services to Welwyn Garden City and Hertford North and outer suburban services start from Kings Cross towards Peterborough and Cambridge. Inner suburban service do not serve the Moorgate branch during late evenings and at weekends, being diverted to King's Cross station instead. There are six platforms, but only five tracks, given that platforms 4 and 5 share a track. Platform 1 is used by London Moorgate services heading into London, platform 6 by Moorgate services heading northbound. Platforms 2 (southbound) and 3 (northbound) by Kings Cross services, usually fast but sometimes stopping. Platforms 4/5 by stopping northbound trains from Kings Cross.

Preceding station National Rail Following station
King's Cross station   First Capital Connect
Great Northern stopping
(late evenings and weekends only)
Drayton Park First Capital Connect
Northern City Line
(Weekdays only)
Kings Cross   First Capital Connect
Great Northern semi-fast
  Potters Bar
Disused railways
King's Cross
York Road
  British Rail
Eastern Region

City Widened Lines
Kings Cross
  Edgware, Highgate & London   Stroud Green

London Underground change

The station is served by the Piccadilly and Victoria lines. Although thought of as a 'deep-level' tube station, Finsbury Park has neither lifts nor escalators as its lines are less than 20' (6.1 m) below street level, though there used to be lifts from the high-level platforms to the tube level. These were the last hydraulically operated lifts on LT. The access to the Piccadilly and Victoria line platforms is by staircase only, reached via two narrow passages that physically prevent the installation of automatic ticket barriers - remarkable, considering its Zone 2 location. Manual ticket inspections do, however, regularly take place. Oystercard readers are available for "pay as you go" customers.

Preceding station     London Underground   Following station
Piccadilly line
towards Cockfosters
towards Brixton
Victoria line
  Abandoned Northern Heights Extension  
Preceding station     London Underground   Following station
towards Bushey Heath
Northern line
towards Moorgate
Northern line

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