First Mexican Empire

former empire in America (1821-1823)

The Mexican Empire (Spanish: Imperio Mexicano) was the official name of independent Mexico. It was a monarchy from 1821 to 1823, when the Emperor came into conflict with Congress. The territory of the Mexican Empire included New Spain and the former Captaincy General of Guatemala. Mexico then declared itself a republic. However, it reverted to a monarchy during the Second Mexican Empire of Maximilian I of Mexico.

Mexican Empire
Imperio Mexicano (Spanish)
Motto: Religión, Independencia, Unión
"Religion, Independence, Union"
Anthem: "Veni Creator Spiritus"
Location of Mexico
CapitalMexico City
Common languagesSpanish
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• 1822–1823
Agustín I
• 1821–1822
Agustín de Iturbide
• 1822
Nicolás Bravo Rueda
Prime Minister 
• 1822–1823
José Manuel de Herrera
Chamber of Deputies
September 27, 1821
• Coronation of Agustín I of Mexico
July 21 1821
• Monarchy overthrown
March 19 1823
CurrencyMexican real
ISO 3166 codeMX
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Viceroyalty of New Spain
Provisional Government of Mexico (1823–24)
United Provinces of Central America
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Mosquito Coast

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