First inauguration of William McKinley

28th United States presidential inauguration

The first inauguration of William McKinley as the 25th president of the United States happened on March 4, 1897. The inauguration was the beginning of the first four-year term of William McKinley's as president and the only term of Garret Hobart as vice president. Vice president Hobart did not finish his term because he died on November 21, 1899. As there was no system in place to put a replacement for him to serve the rest of his term, his position remained unfilled until the end of McKinley's term.

McKinley being sworn in as his predecessor Grover Cleveland watches.

The ceremony happened in front of the Old Senate Chamber at the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. It was the 28th presidential inauguration. This inauguration was the first to be caught on film. This was the last inauguration to be held in the 19th century.

Chief Justice Melville Fuller gave the oath of office to McKinley.[1]

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