Garena Free Fire

2017 multiplayer online battle royale game

Garena Free Fire, commonly known as Free Fire, is a popular battle royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. It was released in December 2017 for Android and iOS platforms. As of 2023, Free Fire had surpassed 187 million active users.[1]

Garena Free Fire
Free Fire logo
Developer(s)111 Dots studio
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Release4 December 2017
Genre(s)Battle Royale

In September 2021, Garena released Free Fire Max, a graphically improved version of the game with improved textures, lighting, and sound effects.[2] In September 2023, Garena plans to introduce Free Fire India, a special version of the game customized specifically for the Indian audience. It was originally set to be launched on 5 September 2023, but Garena postponed the date to 25 September citing that they are improving the gameplay.[3]

Gameplay change

The game features two main game modes: Battle Royale and Clash Squad. In Battle Royale, 50 players are dropped onto an island where they search for weapons, resources, and supplies. The goal is to be the last player or team standing. As the game progresses, a shrinking safe zone forces players into close combat, making the battle intense. The battle royale mode usually takes 15 minutes to complete a game. Clash Squad is a team-based mode where two teams of 4 players fight each other until one of the team wins 4 round.

Collaborations change

Free Fire has collaborated with various artists and brands to introduce exclusive in-game content, including partnerships with DJ Alok, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Beiber and BTS. These collaborations have brought unique character skins, emotes, and other items to the game.[4]

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