Getúlio Vargas

President of Brazil (1930–1945, 1951–1954)

Getúlio Dornelles Vargas (Portuguese: [ʒeˈtulju doɾˈnɛlis ˈvaɾɡɐs]; 19 April 1882 – 24 August 1954) was President of Brazil. He was the dictator from 1930 to 1945. His first 15-year long rule is known as the Vargas Era.[1] Then he was elected President in 1951 and served until 1954.[2] Vargas led Brazil for 18 years, the longest of any President. He was second in Brazilian history only to Emperor Pedro II among heads of state. He favored nationalism, industrialization, centralization, social welfare and populism. Vargas won the nickname "The Father of the Poor". He was a supporter of workers rights and was very much an anti-communist. He committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun, after he was forced by the Brazilian military to resign from the Presidency.

Getúlio Vargas

In 2014, sixty years after his death, the movie Getúlio which depicts the events that ended with his suicide, was made.

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