Heating element

converts electricity into heat through the process of resistive or Joule heating

A heating element is a basic part of many electrical appliances and systems that create and maintain heat. They are needed for a wide range of uses. These include appliances for home use such as ovens and water heaters and industrial machinery and laboratory equipment.

A heating element for an electric stove is used to cook food.

Heating elements are usually made using materials that have a high electrical resistance. Examples include nichrome (a nickel-chromium alloy), Kanthal (an iron-chromium-aluminum alloy), or other alloys made for heat generation. When an electric current flows through the heating element, the resistance makes it heat up. It converts electrical energy into thermal energy. This idea of heating using resistance is the main way heating elements work

The choice of heating element depends on factors like the required temperature range, heat distribution, durability and power consumption.

Heating elements play a important role in modern technology and industry. They supply the comfort, convenience and efficiency of various everyday appliances and processes.[1]


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