Heidi Montag

American television personality

Heidi Montag (born September 15, 1986 in Colorado)[1] is an American television personality, model and singer. She starred in MTV series "The Hills".

Heidi Montag
Montag in 2013
Montag in 2013
Background information
Also known asHeidi Pratt
Born (1986-09-15) September 15, 1986 (age 37)
Crested Butte, Colorado, U.S.
GenresPop music
Occupation(s)Television personality, actress, singer, fashion designer
Years active2005-present

Early life change

Heidi was born on September 15, 1986 in Colorado. She has an older sister, Holly Montag (born 1983). She graduated from high school and after that, attended the Academy of Art University in California.

"The Hills" change

Montag had a regular role on a reality series called "The Hills", from 2005 until 2010. She appeared on "The Hills" because she was the friend and roommate of the show's main star, Lauren Conrad.[2]

During "The Hills", she started dating Spencer Pratt. She later married him, but the other people on "The Hills", especially Conrad, hated Pratt. Because of this, Montag and Pratt became portrayed as "the villains" of the series. Montag and Pratt were removed from "The Hills" in 2010. This was after Pratt had told one of the producers that he would kill him.[3] Pratt was ordered to take anger management classes, but even after that, they would not rehire him and his wife.[4] Montag had also filed charges against The Hills creator Adam Divello, claiming sexual harassment.[5]

Music career change

Montag started working on her own music album in 2007.[6] In 2009, she performed her song "Body Language" on the Miss Universe beauty pageant show in the Bahamas.[7] Her performance was disliked by critics and many other people.[8]

She released her debut album in 2010. It was called "Superficial" and it sold only 1,000 copies in its first week.[9] It received negative reviews. Despite all the negative reactions, Montag has said that she will release another album.

Fashion and acting career change

In 2008, Montag debuted her first fashion collection, Heidiwood, in Los Angeles. She later designed more clothes.

She appeared in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, as herself, together with husband Spencer Pratt, in 2009. Also in 2009, she and Spencer Pratt took part in reality series I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!. The couple quit the show after a few episodes. They said that they were "tortured" on the show.[10][11]

In June 2009, it was confirmed that Montag would pose for Playboy.[12] She appeared on the cover of the September 2009 issue of the magazine.[13] In November 2009, Montag and Pratt released their first book, How To Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture.[14]

Montag had a small role in the 2011 comedic movie, Just Go With It!. The movie starred Jennifer Aniston.

Montag was one of seven celebrities in the VH1 reality series, Famous Food.[15] The series ran from July to September 2011. It was won by DJ Paul.[16] She and Pratt were housemates in the January 2013 series of Celebrity Big Brother (UK).

Personal life change

Heidi Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt had an on/off relationship for two years. In 2008, they married in Mexico. They married a second time in California. Only the second time was legal.

In July 2010, Montag filed for divorce. Tabloid magazines and others suggested that this was fake, because the couple were still seen together in public. They told press that they were on "friendly terms" but still divorcing. In September they called off the divorce and renewed their vows.

Plastic surgery change

Montag has made headlines for her plastic surgery. She has undergone nose correction, chin correction, suction of fat off her hips, many others and best known, a breast enlargement. In 2010, she had ten surgeries in one day, which almost killed her. Montag "upgraded" her breasts to the maximum size. Later, after her surgeries, she said that she could not live with the size of her breasts, and wants to have them reduced back.

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